The Admirable Character Of 'Heorot In The Epic Of Beowulf'

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Beowulf, the epic tale of a Danish society plagued by evil beasts, reveals many thought-provoking and admirable character traits of the main character and hero, Beowulf. Firstly, he shows chivalry through his interactions and actions towards the king of Heorot, showing him the respect and honor he deserved. Secondly, he demonstrates bravery in all battles above and beyond the standard of the times and the standard of his fellow fighters. He owes his bravery in part to his seemingly immeasurable strength, having more power in each fist than that of thirty men. Lastly, he demonstrates a trait that applies to people for his time and ours, pride. Pride plagued his times, due to warriors’ great deeds, but it haunts modern times as well. The liberator of Heorot and the champion of the tale, Beowulf, demonstrates three admirable and relevant character traits, chivalry, bravery and pride. To begin, Beowulf acts chivalrously throughout the heroic tale of Beowulf. He exhibits chivalrous behavior in the way he treats the king of Heorot, the king’s subjects and his fellow warriors. Firstly, this warrior treats the ruler of Heorot with respect and with …show more content…

He does this through the numerous beasts he battles in the story. First, Beowulf fights and defeats Grendel, the demonic creature plaguing the great hall of Heorot. He crosses an entire sea to do battle with this monster, not showing any fear on the approach or in the clash. Seceding the bout with Grendel, he fights a more powerful abomination, fueled by revenge and hatred, Grendel’s mother. He charges into her underwater lair without any hesitation and defeats her with his bare hands, once again showing no fear or distress. In his final battle, taking place several years after the main events of the story, he fights a dragon. He courageously matches this beast, defeating it, but costing him his life. To summarize, this valiant champion perfectly defines

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