Beowulf As A Modern Hero Essay

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Beowulf: The Modern Hero
Benjamin Disaraeli once said, “The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.” This rings true for heroes from all periods of time, especially for those form the historical time of the epic hero Beowulf. This invincible Anglo­Saxon’s definition of heroism is often dismissed due to his arrogance, yet it is still quite relevant. Despite the conventional thoughts of many, Beowulf remains a relevant example of a hero in modern society due to his unquenchable thirst to be the savior to those weaker than he and his uninhibited arrogance and obscene vanity.
Beowulf’s integrity, like many “heroes” of the modern world, depends solely on his so­called bravery and willingness to risk himself for the sake of others. His quick response to the …show more content…

Does Beowulf truly wish to save Hrothgar and his people from “mankind’s enemy [Grendel]?” Or, perhaps, Beowulf wished only to attain the glory that came with acting as the “righteous” hero? In the time of the Anglo­Saxon’s, a man’s worth was placed solely on his wealth and reputation. Therefore, it makes logical sense that
Beowulf would kill evil monsters and partake in glorious adventures under the guise of
Jacie Barthelemy 2 selflessness and courage when in reality, all he did was to attain opulent wealth and glory for his own selfish desire.
Beowulf is also similar to modern idols in his immense arrogance and vanity. Throughout his epic, Beowulf’s egotistical nature never fails to shine through his actions. This is

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