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Beowulf is the best epic story. Including perfectly embodies the manners and values such as:
Being Loyalty, it seen when Beowulf already travelled through the sea, when the monster began to attack and Beowulf known as the bravest, he wants to fight the monster by himself, not only to consider as a hero but to defend their soldier to them.
Being Friendship, after Beowulf won to fight the monster in the middle of the sea, they began to travel among the island, under king hrothgar .Beowulf did not familiarize the island, but he and his soldier still joined to the people around there, to protect and save them to the monster, he is a mission to face the monster, but they enjoy to joined there, and they treat as a their own tribe.
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For being a king,
Loving, Beowulf is a great warrior, his very confident to fight to the monster, but his weaknesses when he see the beautiful girl under the sea, the girl pretend for being a innocent, in an evil side, Beowulf begged, and in loved her, and also when she came to the island, under the king hrothgar, his concern for the people live there. And when he is already a king, she love for the queen, and the other girl, so that when the dragon, came over the village, Beowulf do their best, to secure the queen, his wife, and the village in safe,.
Brave and Good warrior, we recover much of what happens during his gap and therefore are able to see how Beowulf comforts himself as both as a warrior and a king, when the final episode, by encountering the dragon, we seen as the responsibilities of a king, who must act for the good of the people, and not just his own glory, he serve and give his life to put away his wife and queen to the dangers. Differ from those of the heroic warrior, his attitudes and characters as a warrior still…
He deservedly as a great hero and a good

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