How Does Boo Radley Show Courage

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hapters 1-3 1. Scout’s comments and reactions contributed to the pressure Jem felt to accept Dill’s dare. At one point, Scout says, “Always runnin’,”(Lee 17). This insinuates that Jem is alarmed by even the idea of going past the house, so he will surely never have the gall to run up and touch the house. It also states that Scout “sneered at him”(Lee 18). This conveys the idea that Scout is try to egg Jem on with her actions and pressure him into doing something much out of Jem’s comfort zone. 2. The supposed accident that suggests Boo Radley has an underlying notion of brutality involves harming his own father. The incident seems to come out of nowhere, on a day where Boo is simply just cutting things out of the newspaper. It states that…show more content…
One detail that reveals the fact that Boo watches closely over Jem and Scout is that he leaves specific gifts for them inside the tree knot. After finding a boy and girl doll carved out of soap, Scout thinks, “The girl doll wore bangs. So did I”(Lee 80). THis further portrays the thought that Boo must pay very close attention to them, enough to carve every last minute detail into a piece of soap. Furthermore, when Scout is standing outside during a fire and is cold, a mysterious blanket is placed around her and Atticus says, “Looks like all of Maycomb was out tonight, in one way or another”(Lee 95). This infers that Boo had somehow managed to figure out that Scout was cold and place a blanket around her. 3. Jem wants to stop Atticus from returning the blanket to the Radleys because he was begun to grow a certain fondness for Boo and he does not want to get him in trouble. Jem even defends him and says, “...he ain’t ever hurt us, Atticus”(Lee 96). The worry that is present in the words Jem speak to his father convey the idea that he does not want anything bad to happen to Boo since he has come out of his house. Jem is under the impression that if this is reported back to Nathan Radley, then he will be cruel to Boo in some
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