How Does Captain Beatty Change In Fahrenheit 451

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In this moment of desperation, Montag recalls, yet again, his conversation with Professor Faber, and remembers that he has his contact information in a file at home (Bradbury and Gaiman 71). He calls Faber and asks questions about how many copies of specific books still exist; Faber is scared and hangs up the phone (Bradbury and Gaiman 71). Montag decides he needs to see Faber in person, as he is the only person that Montag knows that can interpret books. Montag arrives at Faber’s home and must convince Faber to let him in, then he explains that he needs to learn how to understand what he is reading in the books. Faber is quick to disclose that there are three things that are necessary to understand books. Faber explains to process what reading …show more content…

One example of this behavior is Beatty constantly harasses and lectures Montag with the intention to encourage him to remain committed and loyal to upholding the fireman’s oath (Fox 30). Montag tolerates the verbal attacks from Captain Beatty before and during his transformation process where he is contemplating his future. Eventually, Captain Beatty’s aggressiveness towards Montag and Faber compels Montag’s betrayal of him and the rest of the society. Montag becomes very defensive when Captain Beatty discovers Faber’s communication device as it falls out of Montag’s ear. Captain Beatty taunts Montag, saying, “First I thought you had a Seashell. But when you turned clever later, I wondered. We’ll trace this and drop in on your friend” (Bradbury and Gaiman 112). Captain Beatty is implying that Montag is not capable of standing up or thinking for himself and he will find the person who is helping Montag. This threat against Faber was also a personal attack against Montag and sent him over the edge. Faber is now a part of Montag, he is his inspiration to make changes in his life, and he will do whatever it takes to protect the two of them. Captain Beatty was relentless and as the argument with Montag continued, Montag reacted and revealed that he would stop at nothing to set himself free, including killing the Captain. After this critical action, there was no turning back for …show more content…

Hoskinson expresses that “the new Montag, …can now see the life-sustaining properties of fire as well as its destructive powers” … (354). The ability to see a fire in a new light discloses the shift in Montag’s thinking and reveals his comprehensive thinking ability. The men acknowledge Montag’s existence and invite him to join them at the fire. Montag approaches the campfire and begins conversating with them. Montag feels out of place at first and believes that he has nothing to offer the group. Montag describes to them what his plan had been and the fact that he now knows it was a mistake. Granger, the leader of these intellectuals, conveys that every one of them has made mistakes and together they have learned from these mistakes which enabled them to establish the best way to preserve history and literature (Bradbury and Gaiman 145). Granger explains that each of the drifters has the responsibility to memorize certain books, which eliminates the books from confiscation and ensures that the material will be safe, and if they lay low and keep peace with the authorities, then this knowledge will exist forever (Bradbury and Gaiman 145). In Gonçalves’ analysis, he expresses that “This is a group … [who has] decided to wait for

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