How Is Beatty Justified In Fahrenheit 451

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Beatty is justified in asking Montag to burn his house down. Why? There are three vital pieces of evidence that point me to this conclusion, proving Beatty’s innocence. Beatty had been doing his job, Beatty had been brainwashed and as well as Beatty had tried to protect Montag. First, Beatty had tried to help Montag, but Montag did not take his help. Beatty had mentioned to Montag, that after taking a book from the job site he only had 24 hours to burn the book. Montag did not do so, and went to work as usual, which later led to him being asked to incinerate his home. I believe this was Beatty’s way of attempting to assist Montag, he knew that if he were caught or called into the fire station that he would be sent to an asylum, which Beatty did not want. …show more content…

After getting the call from Mildred's friends, saying that Montag owned books, the men made their way to the salamander and went to Montag's house. After arriving at Montag’s house, Beatty had clearly stated that this was Montag’s mess, and that he needed to to burn his house independently. Beatty did not want to see this event happening to Montag, but in the society that they live in he was forced to. If he hadn’t asked Montag to burn his house down, Beatty might have had even worse problems than Montag for refusing to do his job, even if it was his friend who was being

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