How Does Civil Disobedience Affect Society

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John Snowden travelled to Hong Kong and released secrets that the NSA had been holding from the American public. Ranging from details that concern phone sweeps and the NSA's ability to do so to the techniques used by NSA hackers, Snowden revealed information that some say violates the Constitution. When this man traveled to a different continent to reveal this information, he had already accepted the fate of what would happen. This is a very useful example when explaining civil disobedience. Snowden knew that he would have to face the consequences due to his actions but that did not stop him from doing what was right for himself and his country. He believed that he was doing the right thing and was willing to pay the consequences. I believe that civil disobedience is a positive influence on society as long as it stays civil.…show more content…
When riots break out, it can cause people to feel threatened and anger others even more so than they would have been in the first place. This results in a very negative impact on people's perceptions of whatever cause this riot may have been a result of. By encouraging peaceful encounters and staying civil, it can show others that something is wrong enough with the world and society that people are willing to stand up, step out, and possibly get in trouble for doing what they believe is right. In a free society like the one we have in the United States of America, disobedience of any kind is generally looked down upon, civil or not. If more people would be willing to look at civil disobedience in a different light, the world could change for the
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