How Does Du Bois Affect Society

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As a distinguished scholar, and a victim of racism, Du bois uses his experiences to reflect how society is structured based on race. In opposition to Booker T. Washington he shows that black are being oppressed to the point where movement through the class structure is hard, if not impossible. Du bois throughout the text shows the problems with the society of blacks and how to “solve them”. A major thought Du bois conveyed was that blacks are oppressed to such a high degree that getting an education is almost like unnecessary if not useless. Du bois says that the system is backwards and at the end of these four decades’ black men are taught that even through the accumulation of education they are little more profitable than a blue-colored worker …show more content…

Since I grew up in southern Maryland the land where the north meets the south. I had the opportunity to taste both the country-side thoughts and the city dwellers opinions. Racism is blatantly present, but not as extreme as it was in the past. In agreement with what Du Bois says racism is not caused by de jure, but instead it is a product of de facto segregation. In agreeance with Du bois I believe that the racism present today is caused by people’s nature, and is a product of slavery that occurred in the past. Also in agreement with the words of Du bois I believe that modern society is classified based on race, but straying away Du bois’ words I believe that modern society’s is still structured around race but less intense as the past. Modern society has come a long way allowing for more opportunities for minorities to move up the social class, but it has not fully allowed the minorities to move at the same pace of whites. In the modern era minorities have increased opportunities to achieve upward mobility, but the chances are still limited. Today money is the primary way of social structure, and there are more opportunities for blacks to accumulate

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