W. E. B Dubois Color Line Analysis

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Du Bois take on the Color Line Question: Class and Race in the Globalization Age William Edward Burghardt Dubois born in 1868 and died in 1963 was a Black American academic, activist for peace and civil rights, and socialist who wrote about sociology, philosophy, race equality, history and education. The evaluation of W.E.B Du Bois’s studies brings out social and intellectual initiatives especially his color line concept and its role to the history of African Americans (Butler, 2000). The color line concept is the role of racism and race in society and history. However, an analysis that is multidimensional which finds and evaluates the intersection of race together with class as modes of resistance and domination on national and international …show more content…

Today, the color line is majorly related to the concept of globalization. Regardless of it being considered as spread of technology and civilization and democracy discourse it is still considered as color line. The rapid technological advancement is considered to as the spread of white supremacy. Paradigm and power belongs to the Europeans in the global project of homogenizing people politically, economically and culturally (Munford, 2001). The color line proposition of Dubois is contended in the fact that he thinks that Europeans are the principle beneficiaries and the costs burden is barred by people of color in this asymmetrical …show more content…

First as a imposition violence, domination mode, progressive destruction whether by imperialism, colonialism, neocolonialism, enslavement holocaust, occupation, settlerism or globalization. Secondly, racism ideologically ranges from religious, biological, and cultural problems. Du Bois asserts that inferiority amongst many people in the world started by the use of social sciences by enslaving people in order to impress cultural masters. The injustice and the economic inequality in the world is should be curbed by organized and deliberate action against racism. Moreover, he stresses on union across race lines whereby there is use of global domination calculus to intersect race and class and establish a political

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