What Is The Impact Of Critical Race Theory

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There are five main theories we have discussed in class. The theories are social- conflict, structural-functional, symbolic interaction, gender-conflict, and race conflict. The Social-conflict theory emphasizes the role of conflict and power in society and that social inequality will inevitably occur because of differing interests and values between groups, particularly the competition for scarce resources. An example of social conflict is that private schools follow different teaching methods and provide better opportunities for the overall growth of the students than most public schools. Students who belong to a high socioeconomic background can easily afford to get admission to well-advanced schools. On the other hand, students who are from a low socioeconomic …show more content…

An example of race-conflict is racial profiling. Racial profiling is when people are judged for the way they act or look. An example is black men being deemed suspicious for wearing a hood while in public. In the next paragraph below, I will be discussing Dubois’ research and the impact of critical race theory on society.

Dubois and Critical Race Theory
Sociologists characterize the critical race theory approach as “activist” because researchers are proving the injustices of African Americans is systematic and not random. “Critical Race theory is defined as,” a group of concepts such as the idea that race is a sociological rather than biological designation, and that racism pervades society and is fostered and perpetuated by the legal system used for examining the relationship between race and the laws and legal institutions of a country” (Webster,n.d.).Critical race theory actively sheds light on the problems black Americans face in society. Dubois' research focused on racial colonialism, enslavement, and the role of race in the dehumanization of African Americans. According to Dubois, ”A social problem is ever a relation between conditions and action, and as conditions and

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