The Trials Of Critical Race Theory

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Critical race theory is an organized framework for the exact purpose of critical argument and racism theory that is based on the idea that race is not a characteristic of physically distinct groups, but instead a culturally defined category that is used to oppress minority groups. In “The Trials of Critical Race Theory”, this documentary shares the different points of view based on the citizens' personal beliefs and experiences about teaching race at school. Critical race theory critics are expressing their concerns regarding the systematic racism that is occurring in schools due to its implementation. The documentary is showing the different perspectives on how critical race theory should be taught in schools, whether race and …show more content…

Through interviews and reactions from Adam Yamaguchi, from the CBSN Originals, this documentary shares interviews from a varying number of teachers, students, and parents and ask their different points of view and how do they interpret the critical race theory. Activists and parents oppose the critical race theory and point out. Their claims on how schools teach their children “too young and too far” when teachers are teaching students the history of the United States and the effects of ethnicity and race in a minority’s daily lives (The Critical Race Theory, 5:21). Then, John adds on how the “critical race theory is wrong by implying that black people are in a permanently down condition or that it could change by some revolution in the way people think that deep we know is never going to happen” (The Critical Race Theory, 8:34). Although this may be true on the other hand, in an online critic meeting held by Moms for Liberty, an organization against the critical race theory, they are opposing the school district’s efforts to combat the critical race theory. They state that teachers are not trained for the job they are doing and that the critical race theory is causing a negative impact on racism in lessons. “Critical race theory isn’t so much about rooting out systemic racism is about dividing a culture” agreeing with the idea of not learning or talking about racism that parents even demanded and fired a teacher, Matthew Hawn. When Matthew was charged of dismissal he talks how in his class they discuss the daily news, how” students want to learn about this, they see the news, they saw what happened to George Floyd [and others citizens], so its not like they don’t know what the concept of racism is, people have an idea of what it means (The Trials of Critical Race Theory, 12:39). But the fact that got the

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