The Importance Of Ethnic Studies

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Precious Knowledge presents the controversial issue of the integration of ethnic studies courses in schooling.Ethnic studies is the study of cultural, racial, ethnic, and gender differences in America. In this essay, I will argue Ethnic studies courses should belong in P-12 schooling, because the classes endorse ideals of America. In addition, people rely on the courses to learn critical thinking of the empowerment of identity. Although advocates for the abolishment of ethnic studies courses argue that the courses create a sense of contempt towards America through racism and are not remarkably significant, they do not fully comprehend the success from ethnic studies and that by taking away the classes, they only promote their fear of students disliking America. Ultimately, ethnic studies promote American ideals, create identity, and only create contempt when being constrained from these courses. Ethnic studies should be implemented in schools, because they promote American ideals of diversity, inclusion, and freedom. In a place like America, where diversity is supposed to be the building block of our nation, one would think that different ethnic groups would have the right to study their own identity. Students question this in the film and make claims such as, “Education is so against me that they don’t want me.” Evidently, with the threat of abolishing ethnic studies courses, students feel a lack of inclusion, which defies American values. Other violations of American

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