Pros And Cons Of Racial Profiling

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Racial profiling has become a national issue starting in 2015 (“Racial”). Judging someone for their race has been a problem ever since a minority group has been noticed. Racial profiling has spread over all over the world. Racial profiling has been a problem through the years, if the human race can learn what racial profiling is, advantages of the profiling, and the disadvantages. Racial profiling, using someone’s race to suspect they are ar committing an offensive crime. Modern society has come to where we will judge someone for individual protection . People have a habit of having a negative judgment for “foreigners” that come in . Many illegal immigrants have slipped in the U.S in the past few years. The perception one a group then leads to the deception of any individual in that group . The concept of discrimination then leads to the civil rights movement. Whites turned on the African Americans, after the use of slavery, they went full on offensive. Hate crimes started towards them and it was chaos (“Racial”). It seemed like this influence has spread and now people are attacking the minority group.
Racial profiling can become a problem one day, maybe be a threat to anyone moving to a new place. The society could use the End Racial Profiling Act as a way to stop this unethical way of catching criminals. We can also abolish the practices and influences that people give to start racial profiling. Racial profiling has also taken time away from law enforcement. They have

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