Jim Crow Policing Research Paper

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Racial profiling by law enforcement is an overwhelmingly useless and prevalent expression of hate and ignorance to this day. Internationally, a wide variation of races are unrightfully discriminated against by the enforcements who are supposedly there to protect them. Jim Crow policing is an issue that undoubtedly continues, no matter the amount of riots or unjustly arrested/ murdered civilians. Cases like Trayvon Martin, and Mike Brown, as well as Bob Herbert 's article Jim Crow Policing published in the New York Times, February 2nd 2010, explain first hand accounts and statistics to give examples of the fact that racial profiling from the police force consistently takes place.
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Trayvon Martin was a teenager attacked and killed in a “neighborhood watch” dispute. Twin lakes was an area with frequent criminal activity. However, martin had no criminal record, and was simply outside of his home walking to the store. “According to Zimmerman, Martin approached and punched him in the face, initiating the conflict that followed. The confrontation ended with Zimmerman shooting the unarmed teenager in the chest”(Trayvon Martin Biography). His attacker George Zimmerman- a neighborhood watch member- reportedly shot and killed Martin merely yards from his home. Similar to Trayvon Martin, Mike brown was an unarmed teenager who was brutally killed by police. “The fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager Saturday by a police officer in a St. Louis suburb came after a struggle for the officer’s gun…”( Mike Brown NY Times Article). Hundreds of community members gathered to peacefully rally for a better investigation of his death, and in response police brought K-9 enforcements and weapons, if that isn 't a despicable representation of police force, I don 't know what …show more content…

People might respond saying that racial profiling by police isn 't as bad as people make it seem, or that it isn 't as bad as it used to be. Even if that were the case, it isn 't enough. Police forces are there to protect and enforce laws and regulations, protect the people. Not to provide weapons to racist, and bigoted people who assume power unfairly and attack anyone who doesn 't fit their idea of what is “right”. Race is not a choice, just as many other things society has decided to label are not a choice. I have had friends and family attacked and unfairly searched because officers assumed they had contraband or did something illegal. I had a friend named Gerome whose car was raided by police because they thought he might have drugs, my friend Kennedys brother was shot and killed in front of their house, and rather than doing a full investigation they said it was gang violence and closed the case. If this were a caucasian child who was shot in front of their house, in front of family, and the neighborhood, there would have been much further and thorough investigation. it is completely invalid to think or simply suggest that racial profiling does not exist

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