Ethnic Profiling Pros And Cons

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Racial and ethnic profiling has become a major controversy in the United States. Lately there has been a lot in the news about police officers profiling African Americans and this has brought peoples attention through the news and social media. A few major current stories about police officers profiling African Americans is the Marlon Brown killing which happened in 2013. Marlon Brown was being pulled over for a seat belt violation and then got out of the vehicle and began running from the cops. Marlon Brown ended up slipping while he was running and the cop ran him over with his police cruiser, which caused Marlon to suffocate and die. (Two Cases Going Viral Question Police Force, Profiling). Police officer Harris was immediately fired …show more content…

Racial and ethnic profiling in our society is an ineffective method of crime prevention and it is harmful to the individual by degrading them their human rights as an individual. When a person is profiled due to their race or ethnicity it is unjust and the victim is having their rights and liberty interests taken away from them because individuals are being targeted based on their skin color and ethnicity. They are targeted to being involved in criminal activities and are therefore stopped and searched not for any criminal reasons but due to their race. As stated by the BC Civil Liberties Association, “Communities that are subjected to racial profiling are unfairly over-policed, unjustly scrutinized and disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system. Racial profiling is the product of stereotyping of radicalized communities and it fuels further stereotyping. 3 We pause here to not that the term-radicalized communities are used rather than terms such as “visible minorities”, “persons of color” or “non-white persons” (Bahdi, Parsons, Sandborn). I believe that it should be illegal to discriminate and profile against a group of people or an individual due to their skin color or features that they have because it is violating their human

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