Trayvon Martin Case Study

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Police brutality is at an all time high, with the expansion of social media it has made racism appear more prominent. Racism is something that’s existed for generations however social media has given people the ability to see racism first hand for themselves and has also given the public to respond openly to the issue at hand. The Trayvon Martin case was one of the biggest cases that sparked the racial profiling discussion, Trayvon Martin was a African American male walking home from a convenient store at night with a hoodie on when he was racial profiled by George Zimmerman, a Hispanic male who saw trayvon martin as a threat based solely on the color of his skin and the hoodie that he was wearing. Trayvon was unarmed and harmless but do to someone else pre conceived …show more content…

Mike brown was also a African American male who was targeted by police, during his arrest police used unnecessary force to hold brown down. He said repentantly that he couldn’t breath and police disregarded what he was saying, this lead to mike browns death, when tried the police faced no penalty for their actions, this had a major impact on social media and lead to the hash tag “I can breath” people on social media used this expression in remembrance of mike brown, these 3 words go more in debt in the issue with police brutality. Mike brown became a huge impact on the issue of police brutality in social media. I only gave a couple example but there are unfortunately plenty more, the racial profiling and targeting of African Americans by police didn’t stop there. The African community felt like something bigger had to be done and this has started the on going black lives matter movement, a activist movement created by Alicia Garaz, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tomiete. this movement was created in the wake of the mike brown case and gained world wide attention across social

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