How Does Elie Wiesel Use Repetition In The Book Night

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During world War II Germany’s goal was to annihilate the Jewish population and in doing that the Nazis dehumanized the Jews by stripping them of their belongings and whatever made them unique and treating and working them like animals or robots just like Robots the Nazis would work the Jews until they couldn't work them anymore then they would get rid of them by killing them. Elie Wiesel a boy at that time went through this horrific part of history and decries these horrors in his book night using repetition and Imagery in order shows how the Nazis attempted to dehumanized the Jews during world War II. Elie wiesel uses Repetition through the book to show the horrible treatments the Jews had to endure and Man's inhumanity towards man. Elie Wiesel uses repetition on page 45 when their relative Stein from Antwerp visited them in their part of the camp and he told Eliezer’s dad to take of himself and take care of…show more content…
In this quote from page 45 Elie repeats the word so to describe how much in a poor state Stein was as well, the Nazis had worked him so much and dehumanized him that he now looked so thin and so weak like a corpse. Elie Wiesel also used repetition on page 34 when he had first arrived at the camp and he went through a furnace where the Nazis were just throwing babies, little children and women into a pit of fire without remorse and this gets stuck in Elie’s head and he says “Never shall I forget that smoke. Never shall I forget the small faces of the children whose bodies I saw transformed into smoke under a silent sky. Never shall I forget those flames that consumed my faith forever” (Wiesel 34). The Nazis were burning these poor souls into the fire because they weren't useful to them and this shows dehumanization
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