How Does Henry David Thoreau Use Transcendental Beliefs

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In this essay Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau shares a lot of transparency beliefs throughout Jon Krakauer. They don't share all of them, but some. They both have write many stories and books. They both believe in self-reliance and being in touch with nature. I think they share a lot in common about transcendental beliefs.Transcendental beliefs is the inherent of goodness of people and nature. In Into The Wild on page 31 it states, “On August 10, shortly before meeting Jan Burres and Bob, McCandles had been ticketed for hitchhiking near Willow Creek, in the gold-mining country east of Eureka.” One can infer that he may be hitchhiking for self-reliance of himself. Ralph Waldo Emerson has a short story like that. Emerson

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