How Does Lee Make Choices In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Every day brings new choices that have the ability to influence different aspects of our lives. The consequences that we face revolve around the choices we make. Whether these consequences are big or small, choices will always impact our lives. In the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee develops ideas about the influence of choices on the life of an individual by demonstrating that choices can lead to learning valuable life lessons, choices can influence others to judge and individual and that choices made by one individual could influence others’ choices.

When one makes choices, it often leads one and/or others to learn valuable life lessons. In her novel, Harper Lee addresses this statement in multiple ways. When Scout makes the decision
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The main reason as to why individuals were judged by other was due to racial prejudice. For example, Calpurnia decides to invite Jem and Scout to the First Purchase M.E. African Church. Once they arrive, Calpurnia, Jem, and Scout were confronted by Lula; a racist lady that was not pleased to see white children at an African church. Calpurnia’s decision to bring Jem and Scout to her church lead to Lula judging her. In addition, Dolphus Raymond’s decision of marrying a black woman, having mixed children and spending most of his time around black folks causes the society to judge his ways of living. The majority of the white folks in Maycomb are very closed minded about this topic and refuse consider things from Mr. Raymond’s point of view. Therefore, they are not able to understand. Dolphus Raymond spends his days pretending to be drunk as an excuse for his choices and to escape society’s racial prejudice. A final example is Atticus’s decision to defend Tom Robinson from a crime that he did not commit. Atticus’s choice turned him into a target for various folks in Maycomb; who insulted and disrespected him (Scout’s cousin, Francis, Bob Ewell and Mrs.
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