How Does Poe Create Suspense In The Tell Tale Heart

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The Tell-Tale Heart is full of different kinds of suspense from the mind of Edgar Allan Poe. Most of the suspense is either created by quotes or just by simple details, that make you wonder what happens next persuading you to read more. In this story, one of the main parts that creates the suspense is the old man's eye, The man's eye is not liked by narrator since it was pale blue with a noticeable film over it, looking like he was given an eye of the vulture. The story gave several suspenseful quotes that made me want to know more. The few examples made me have this feeling was when the narrator said "How, then, am I mad? Hearken! and see how healthily, how calmly I can tell you the story." That made me want to keep reading. The next …show more content…

The few scenes that were deep, scary, and really heart-stopping were the ones when the narrator was creeping in on the old man for eight nights while on the eighth night he almost got caught since his thumb slipped on the tin fastening upon his lantern causing a lot of noises. Leaving the narrator to stand there for hours with his head still in the small crack he made. The second suspenseful moment would be when he finally kills the old man. The detailed explanation of the scene would be after all his times of studying the old man he finally knew when it was time to kill the man. As the suspense builds when the narrator hears the old man's heartbeat, the reader gets the insight that the big death is near. Then boom, suddenly it happens, the narrator burst through the door and drags the old man to the ground. Then forces his heavy bed on top of him leaving him to suffocate. The third point of suspense is when the cops come. The main reason the cops showed up was because of the one neighbor that complained of the loud screams. The narrator then starts to freak out, leaving him to show the cops the man's remains that were hidden under

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