How Does Scout Empathy In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In the book and movie, To Kill a Mockingbird I find it very easy to have empathy for the characters. The characters that I can empathise the most with are Scout, Jem and Mayella. Scout and Jem are very easy for myself, and many others to empathise with because most people either have siblings or very close friends that they either get annoyed of, or are very protective of. Mayella on the other hand is a different story, most people can’t understand the reasoning of why she lie to the judge and jury, but I can. She was scared, and she thought the only way to get out of her situation was to lie, which many of us do when scared.

I can empathise with Scout because we are both the youngest. Having this role in my family, I was always hanging around my older siblings, and bugging them whenever they had company. Just like Scout, I didn’t like to be alone, and I always had to know what people were doing. I don’t think I was as annoying as Scout was to Jem because I had 5 siblings to bother, but I know if I only had one sibling like she did, I would’ve acted the …show more content…

I say this because she is scared of disappointing everyone, so she lies in order to save herself from the humility she’d face. I can relate to this, especially when I was younger, because whenever I got in trouble I’d try and pin it on someone else so I wouldn’t disappoint anyone, especially my parents. The modern day situation of what Mayella is going through is similar to when someone tells the world that they are a member of the LGBTQ. In a small town, such as ours, it is a great deal of shock when someone, “Comes out of the closet.” Often times, it results in everyone either accepting it, or people being outraged. I think what Mayella did was less socially acceptable then my example, but they are one in the same, and people most often times try to hide what they feel to be accepted by everyone

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