How Does Scrooge Change In A Christmas Carol

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The Christmas Carol is a book by Charles Dickens. The play, A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley is by Israel Horowitz. It is about a mean old guy seeing three ghosts to change his ways. His name is Scrooge. My essay is also about how this old man changes his ways. Scrooge was a mean, cold-hearted money-lender. He did not care about people at all. If they did not pay him, he would send them to debtor’s prison. He said, “They owe me money and I will collect. I will have them jailed if I have to.” (p. 236, paragraph 6.) Scrooge hated Christmas. He kept saying bah humbug. His nephew invited him to Christmas dinner and said God bless Christmas. Scrooge said, “I'd rather see myself dead than see myself with your family! " (p. 239, paragraph 19.) Scrooge was a very lonely man. …show more content…

Marley had chains on and he said that each chain showed something that he had done bad in life. At first Scrooge didn't even believe that it really was Marley, he just thought maybe he ate something bad, but then little by little he started to believe it and he got freaked out. Then the Ghost of Christmas Past came. The strange figure was like a child and an old man. They went to where he was born.They saw some carolers that he knew, singing Christmas carols. He also went to his school and saw him get bullied and was crying as a little boy. He started crying now too. He also saw him breaking up with his fiance. He was so upset he wanted to leave. Later in the night Scrooge had another visitor, the Ghost of Christmas Present. The Ghost of Christmas Present was on the throne surrounded by Christmas goodies. When he was with this ghost, he was shown families at Christmastime, and how happy they were even without much money. He saw how happy people were when Marley died. Scrooge learned his

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