How Does Steinbeck Create A Sense Of Loneliness

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“Of Mice and Men” is a poignant novella written by John Steinbeck, the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1962. Steinbeck was well educated and came from an affluent family. He was born in Salinas. Steinbeck had great insight into the life of a migrant worker as he, similarly to George and Lennie, had travelled through California working on ranches. He was well aware of the loneliness and isolation that the ranchers faced quotidianly. The great classic was published in 1937. It was set during the Great Depression in California in the 1930s. During this time many Americans were redundant due to the Wall Street Crash of 1929 resulting in the need to migrate across the country in search of work.
In “Of Mice and Men” loneliness is a countinualy recurring theme. Even the name of the town where the story is set “Soledad” which translates to solitude. Steinbeck makes it clear that many of the characters are lonely, whilst …show more content…

He is a victum of extrem violence because of his skin colour. The boss abuses Crooks by taking his anger out on him when he’s mad. “An’ he give the stable buck hell, too.” The boss abhors “the stable buck cripple” therefoer Crooks is used as a punching bag. Yet Candy is certain that he dosen’t mind this treatment since “the stable buck’s a niggar.” Another significant example of violent behaviour aimed towards Crooks is when they “let the nigger in” to the Bunk house at Christmas. The only reason why the boss approved this was so Crooks could provide entertainment and amusment for the intoxicated raqnch workers. In other words Crooks is seen as a novelty. “Smitty took after the nigger.” “ ‘If he coulda used his feet, Smitty says he woulda killed the nigger.’, He [Crooks] paused in relish of the memory.” Candy who is seemingly a harmless old man “relishes” in the thought of the stable buck being harmed and even smiles in delight at the

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