How Does Technology Affect Literacy

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Technology has changed over time and we now have created things that are unbelievable. Even though that’s a good thing, it has its bad things. For example to much video games is bad for you and the reason that we like it so much is that we have the technology to make it look so realistic to the point that you think that it 's reality. Kids/ students then become very addicted to playing video games. And, keeping up with all the new and updated electronic systems can get very expensive. All that money could be saved up and used for their college funds so when it’s that time in their life they are not struggling trying to find scholarships. Another way that technology has affected literacy is by the way we text and use shorthand. Even though shorthand is useful in taking notes in class, but shorthand is not supposed to be used in essays. Students forget to revise their work and make sure they didn’t use any shorthand in their essay. Today’s students are living in …show more content…

I am also using this article “Technology helps make language click for students” to give me information on how the students speech has changed due to technology. I am also using another research paper to help me get more information on what all I need to have on my actually paper at the end. I might add more sources later on when writing the research paper itself if I need more information. I want to make it known to people around the world how literacy is being changed due to the fact that technology is taking over our kid’s lives. Especially that they the kid’s/students would rather watch a movie than read the book or novel. I choose this to inform the parents that they might be losing their kids to technology if they don’t make sure that they use it

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