How Does The Great Gatsby Relate To Today

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Everyone wishes for the white picket fence fantasy which is the idea that has accompanied many Americans and non-Americans for generations. They longed for the American dream, which has come to represent the ideal life's ambition in the minds of numerous individuals. The American Dream has become a benchmark for many people around the world, empowering them to pursue their version of the popular and influential dream. Individuals began to come up with their versions of the "American Dream" that accommodate their point of view, such as Fitzgerald's vision of the "American Dream" in The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald's American Dream in The Great Gatsby is similar to today's daydream as times change, but issues such as common interests, the changing …show more content…

"The only people who talk about the American dream are politicians," says source C. Despite shrinking paychecks and rising costs, the rest of us are working our tails off to make ends meet. "The American dream was based on economic wealth, both in modern times and in The Great Gatsby, and we can conclude that it was unattainable for both party leaders unless those people came from generational wealth or dirty money."The portrayal of the American dream in The Great Gatsby, according to source A, brings to mind the concept that anyone can achieve the dream but relates it directly to those born rich. In The Great Gatsby, the average person has an equal chance of achieving the impossible, which is a fraudulent standard, just as those born poor and of minorities cannot achieve the same as those born financially secure. Several more people seem to believe that the modern American dream has begun to produce more equality in employment opportunities and higher incomes, but the 14.8 percent of Americans who are impoverished require money, plain and simple, as stated in Source B, and the benchmark was either poor or rich in The Great Gatsby. Nonetheless, the economy has not only conveyed both Gatsby and the modern American dream on the surface, but they also share the same values. Even though Fitzgerald's American Dream depicts a few more distinct aspects of the American dream, the standards for achieving the American dream are established in a modern context as the contemporary interpretation. 63% of young adults aged 18 to 34 believe the American dream is a pipe dream, according to Source E. Making dreams accessible to everyone is one of the most important aspects of being eligible to set a standard for them. If a large proportion of the population believes it is impossible to achieve, then the bar has been raised. According to source A, The Great Gatsby's pursuit

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