How Does Trinity United Methodists Use Holy Water To Symbolize Baptism

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The fourth element that one may be intrigued by is the use of holy water to symbolize baptism. Trinity United Methodist does use holy water for baptism, but does not require self-cleansing of sins before a service. Sacred Heart Catholic Church provides holy water in special holders hung by the entrance of the mass, if a member would like to cleanse themselves of sins. The member simply dips their fingers into the water, and will gesture the sign of the cross when entering the mass. Christians followed this ritual from the Jews of the old testament, although in the past they would wash the entire body in a decorative water fountain. The Jews provided a symbolic and practical example of cleanliness. Cleanliness is “an obvious symbol of the forgiveness of sins, but also because it’s a sign reverence in approaching God and things related to God” (Johnson, 219). …show more content…

Trinity United Methodist Church does not gesture the sign of the cross or kneel, although it is highly practiced at Sacred Heart Church and in the Catholic religion. Kneeling is a large component of the Catholic religion because it not only shows humility to God, it “emphasizes adoration of God and the presence of Christ in the Eucharist” (McBrien, 739). Before entering a pew to be seated, the Roman Catholic kneels and marks the body with the sign of the cross. Kneeling is done during prayer, certain areas of the performed homily, and also at the end of mass when leaving the pew. The sign of the cross represents “that God is revealed through three Persons, who manifested different aspects of God and are one in God, coequal and coeternal. They are the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost” (McBrien, 25). Altogether, these gestures symbolize obedience and authority under the Almighty and have high importance, like the participation in holy

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