Bless Me, Ultima By Rudolfo Anaya

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Islam and Christianity share similar ideas as the abstract religion in the coming of age novel “Bless Me, Ultima” by Rudolfo Anaya. Islam and magic each have stigmas connected to them from personal assumptions. Pagan beliefs in the novel and Christianity share the same concept of afterlife and symbolism.

Magic and Islam are falsely accused of being malevolent in nature due to society using the religions for hate crimes. Antonio was pondering the motive for his dad’s concern about Ultima visiting and he realized, “Ultima was a curandera…. And because a curandera had this power she was misunderstood and often suspected of practicing witchcraft herself” (Anaya 4). Everyone in Guadalupe is suspicious of Ultima 's powers as they can 't …show more content…

For instance, Samuel and Tony were fishing and Sam told him the story of the magical golden carp, “The river was full of dangers to the new fish. So he went to the other gods and told them he chose to be turned into a carp and swim in the river where he could take care of his people. The gods agreed... they made him very big and colored him the color of gold. And they made him the lord of all the waters of the valley” (Anaya 74). The pagan god chose to sacrifice himself for his followers, as Jesus died on the stake for his. The golden carp gives Antonio alternative to the religion he is raised on. Additionally, God proves his love for humanity and forgiveness of human sins by ascension into heaven and acquiring eternal life and salvation through faith in Jesus (BBC). The water of the secluded lake is heaven for the followers of pagan ideals, when they die they join their god in the lake for eternity. Similar to the idea of heaven in the afterlife in christianity. As Tony was having an epiphany about God a huge fish shot out of the calm water of the river, “The evil mouth of the black bass was open and red. Its eyes were glazed with hate as it hung in the air surrounded by churning water...” (Anaya 105). Antonio begins to think about God and sin, the black bass rips through the water as a coherent symbol of evil and wrong. Antonio hopes his first communion will be as harmonious as his

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