Rhetorical And Literary Techniques Used In Mccarthy By Cormac Mccarthy

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Cormac McCarthy’s novel written during the 20th century, conveying dramatic experience in which McCarthy’s use of rhetorical and literary techniques providing themes, symbols, motifs and other figures of speech emphasizing the impact on the main character, and other parts throughout the text.
Throughout this deep understood text, the author conveys negative tones and dictions to the text. The character is described to be very dull and adventurous. He is very ominous yet a mysterious character , however it is yet to be described to be somewhat positive in regards of the symbols used in relation to the text. “His trousers...blood” “scouted...for wood” “crouched in the dark” “she was stiff and cold”, referring to the negativity and dullness of the main character; emphasizing the …show more content…

Also to tie in that religious hint, due to the time frame; which attracts the reader 's’ attention. “No origin” “washed” “god” “penitent” all these terms are referred to be a symbolism of the religious meaning. In fact, maybe the main character him/herself were religious or had spiritual point of views and trying to raise awareness in regards of the subject. Also it is noticed within the text that the author’s writing perspective is in third person point of view, referring that the author is telling a story which is another perspective that makes it even more interesting. Also relating to god like origin. Followed by the idea of cleansing, rebirth, or baptism is symbolized throughout; “washed the blood out” “back to the creek” “ordained” “dove” in relation to the baptism of Jesus Christ or even cleansing in general. Back to the main character in which generalizes the perspective of the main character can be look upon from many different

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