How Does Willy Loman Show Pride In Death Of A Salesman

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Based on the theme that a man's pride will be his downfall to change, Willy is no longer a successful businessman. In Arthur Miller’s classic tragedy, Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman focused on his past successes and who he was, over what he could accomplish if he only changed his thoughts. An example of this is when Willy Loman’s pride caused him to miss an opportunity for success because it was his neighbor who offered the job. The passage writes that Charley is offering a job to Willy Loman, but he denies it by saying, “I got a job, I told you that. What the hell are you offering me a job for?”(Miller, 1977, p.43). Charley asks Willy about a job and if he is interested, but Willy’s pride in believing he is a successful businessman doesn't …show more content…

The passage reads that Charley and Willy were having a conversation about the job offer of $50 a week and he didn’t have to work on the road. However, Willy still won’t accept, and Charley responded, “Without pay? What kind of job is without pay? Now look kid, enough is enough. I’m no genius but I know when I’m being insulted”(Miller, 1977, p.96). Willy Loman's pride made him believe he was too good for a job that would get him out of debt and accept loans from Charley. His pride caused him to not change and take a position that could benefit his life and well-being in the long run only because he believed he was a successful salesman who couldn't accept a job from his …show more content…

In the article, Will AI Kill or Nourish Human Creativity?, experts state, “AI-powered tools can help to automate mundane tasks, allowing creators to focus their energy on more creative endeavors''(Gonzalez, 2023). This is important because people who change to incorporate AI into their work have a higher opportunity to be more productive and creative because they are no longer focused on small repetitive tasks. But the people who cannot change and use AI for their advancements are the people who are stuck being “replaced” by the same AI. Their failure to change makes their steps lower than the others, making them catch up to be than creative. Another reason AI will only be the end of creativity for those who will not change is in the article, ChatGPT and Generative AI: Just Another Tool in the Creative Toolchest. Allen Bernard, a technology journalist, states, “It’s not about totally automating everything,” he said. “It's about improving the overall way that we do these things. And that speaks to the effect it will have on the job market overall. As with any kind of new technology, some jobs will probably be reduced and some eliminated. On the other side, there'll be new jobs that are created as well” (Bernard, 2023). This article outlines the theme that AI will only be the end of creativity for those who will not

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