How Does Winston Present Julia In 1984

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It is always difficult walking into school on your first day not knowing anyone that will be in your classroom. Then, you see that one friend, and everything you were worried about turned into no big deal. In 1984, Winston meets a woman with dark hair and wonders if he should approach her. As he does so and sits next to the woman, he realizes that all his worries were for no reason. This woman's name was Julia and Winston knew they had to be together. Not knowing much about Julia they began seeing each other opposing the Party's knowledge. Julia at first presents herself to be well mannered, well behaved, and caring about her society. After reading the book, Julia has been characterized very differently from our first thoughts. We learn that, …show more content…

Winston and Julia both rebelled against the Party and the rules of their society. Winston rebelled for the reason that he would defeat the Party and soon belong to the Brotherhood. His logic was more intellectual about how his plan would be accomplished. While Julia's logic on rebelling against the Party was quite different. She only thought of herself and in the moment. Not worrying about her future, Julia strikes out by wanting her own freedom and the good things in life. To her it was, being able to have pleasure with whomever, and eat and wear what she wants. Rebelling for Julia, was just a daily lifestyle. Julia tries to keep Winston young and opperating like her, Getting him to rebel and never give up for his beliefs. When Julia is with Winston, he explains that they are dead for going against the Party. Julia replies, "We are not dead yet" (187). Never looking past the moment she is in, Julia is positive and lively that they are not endangered for rebelling against the Party. From reading and analyzing Julia, you would think her main interests and concern would only be to rebel. Rebelling is a part of it, but she is more interested in what she can get out of rebelling against the Party. She is concerned with sex and the pleasures that comes along with the action. Julia seeks an interest in coaxing men from the Inner Party for pleasure and also to gain more material possessions for herself. Her biggest concern though is making sure she is not caught by the Thoughtpolice or the Party themselves. Then why is Julia risking her

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