How Does Zora Neale Hurston Create Tension In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Complexity highlights not only the differences in characters, but also how they complement each other and add tension to the novel. Zora Neale Hurston uses this to her advantage in Their Eyes Were Watching God, making sure the characters all provide a meaningful addition to the complexity of the overall novel by contradicting or complementing each other. As much as Nanny contradicts her granddaughter's thoughts and wishes, Janie continues to trust her.

Nanny was born and grew up as a slave. This imprinted several key values about marriage and life in general which did not apply to Janie and her quest for love. Because Nanny grew up with nothing, she valued financial and material values rather than the love Janie so desired. Up until Janie was about seventeen, Nanny did not imprint these values. Furthermore, when Nanny heard Janie’s conversations with the local boys, she scolded Janie, and immediately starts to set up plans for marriage. There is one key reason for this decision on Nanny’s part; she wanted to maintain respectability in order to keep Janie for turning into the social wreck her mother is. We can see here that Nanny is just trying to do what was best for Janie, although Janie does not realize this until after Nanny has passed away. …show more content…

However, over time, she realizes that Nanny was just doing her best to make sure Janie was set for life. Janie is also forgiving because Nanny obviously had an immense amount of love for Janie. (quote) However, Nanny’s love was often clouded by her views on marriage and relationships. Although Nanny wants a full life for her grandchild, she does not know how to provide it in a way that will satisfy Janie; this is why Nanny forces Janie to marry

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