How Is George Wilson Selfish

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How would someone react when they found out someone they love would be taken from them, if they didn’t act upon a situation? Some would do everything in their power to keep who they love. For others, they would let faith decide the situation, using nothing but pure deception. George Wilson and Tom Buchanan were two “gentleman” with discrete views on life. But, although they did have very distinct differences such as wealth, they both wanted to protect their wives from the great danger that threatened their livelihood and in doing so demonstrated how the nature of man is to be selfish with what they "own”. Many people question that the nature of man is to be selfish, but what they fail to realize is every man has both good and evil in him. Although Tom and George portray the vision of civilized men, they are far from it. If we look deep into the novel, we can see the true emotions that the characters were going through. Wilson was a …show more content…

George Wilson, a poor car mechanic had been lucky enough to marry a “stunning women” like Myrtle, and he refused to let her leave. He would have given up a part of his life if Myrtle had left, leaving him with the title of a selfish man. He didn’t care whether or not Myrtle was happy, he just wanted her with him at all times. Tom on the other hand had a different perspective on life, but he still was a selfish man. He had been associated with a numerous amount of affairs, and still felt as though it was Daisy’s fault for her wanting to leave him. Although she knew she couldn’t, Tom still took action in protecting his wife he barely cares emotionally for. Life changes when you have an extra buck, and it sure has for these two men. Their attitudes toward women, their ways of showing violence, and their reactions to being cuckolded have all changed. But what hasn’t changed is that, at the end of the day, all they care about is

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