How Is Julius Caesar Corrupt

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" Power thens to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutly" are the words said by Lord Acton and echoed throughout history. It is often that a historical leader has been dethroned because their judgment has been affected by their corruption.This is what was thought of the great Roman emperor, Julius Caesar, who was killed for this assmption. In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, it is not Caesar but Cassius who is the most corrupt character. Several characters suspect or play a part in the corruption of Cassius. Caesar suspects something of Cassius when he says, "Yon'd Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much, such men are dangerous." Caesar takes note of the appearence of Cassius, seeing that the lean look he has betrays the hunger of power that he hides. Caesar also believes that Cassius is too smart, and thinks he will use his intellegent manner to plot against him. Cinna at another time says this to Cassius, " O Cassius, If you could but win the noble Brutus over to our side." Cinna is part of the reason Cassius is corrupt. Here he is working to make Cassius corupt others, inturn creating corruption in Cassius.This can not …show more content…

Cassius speaks of Casca " So is he now in execution of any bold or noble enterprise, however he puts on this tardy form, this rudeness is a sauce to his good wit, which give men stomach to digest his words with a better appetite." Cassius beleives that Casca is up to whatever plot he makes. He has started looking for more people to bring into this corrupt drama. Cassius speaks to Brutus, " ...where many of the best respect in Rome, (Except emortal Caesar), speaking of Brutus and groaning underneath this age's yoke, have wished that noble Brutus had his eyes." Cassius is now trying to flatter Brutus into betraying Caesar. He has now gone to the point where he will now turn friend against friend. Cassius's corruption knows no

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