How Is Piggy Presented In Lord Of The Flies

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Throughout the novel “Lord of the Flies” written by William Golding, Piggy represents the good in society. Piggy was intelligent and knew right from wrong and used his reasoning skills before making decisions. William Golding expresses Piggy as someone who is not appreciated by the other boys. Golding is trying to show that when put on the island in a difficult situation we don’t act normally. People revert to savage tendencies and do things they may not have done in the outside world. Piggy stays the same throughout and does not change and Golding uses Piggy to represent how people should be.

The boys on the island are immature, unkind, and ungenerous due to the lack of any adults who would function to encourage more thoughtful and kind. Piggy is an easy target for their inhumanity for two reasons, his physical self and his behavior, as he is overweight, a physical characteristic that the boys make fun of him for.. The other boys exclude him and taught him for that and the fact that he can't swim even Ralph is insulting Piggy, when he says "sucks to your ass-mar" (pg 8) when Piggy blames his asthma as the reason he wasn't allowed to swim. Piggy is also unpopular because he is often the voice of reason, suggesting the boys to set and follow the agreed-upon rules and work together instead of acting savage. Piggy, reminds the boys of their …show more content…

Without the fire, we can't be rescued.”(pg 86) Piggy's rights were taken advantage and consider more important than the obligations he has to the society as a whole. One could also argue that the use of Piggy's glasses to ignite the fire was more important than his use of them for his own eyesight. however, by the end of the novel Jack's hatred for Piggy intensifies, and soon he steals Piggy's glasses and allows one of his savages to kill Piggy by dropping a boulder on

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