How Does Piggy Present The Savagery In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the flies: From Civility to Savagery Chaos out ways all order in a time of panic. When the plane crashes on the island, the group of boys has no one to turn to for a sense of direction, all they have is themselves. Piggy, one of the main characters, has asthma and is the most out-of-shape out of all of the boys, hence the nickname Piggy. He also represents order and innocence in the group. He also is represented as the "adult" of the group, because he is the most mature out of all of them. Because he is the weakest in the group, he portrays order that has been weakend due to a down fall in society. He is also smart, and uses his intelligence to maintain peace and order. For example, to start a fire, he used the reflection …show more content…

These glasses serve as not only a fire starter, but as a reminder of who they were and the life they lived before the crash. It helps them keep in touch with their roots to insure that their past didnt burn up in the plane. Piggy finds a conch on the island and teaches Ralph how to use it. Piggy, because of his asthma, is unable to use the conch. The conch represents law. Whenever someone blows into the conch, everyone stopped what they were doing to listen to what they had to say. It was a way for them to distinguish the importance of what was said. Piggy also needed civility in the group, so he made an effort in to learning everyone's name. He believes that everyone should be treated like a person and be called by their proper name (although we only know him as Piggy and not by his real name). In chapter 8 of the book, the group splits up because of an argument between Jack and Ralph. In the beginning of the story, Ralph made Jack the leader of the hunters, and now Jack wants to be the leader of the entire group. Although Ralph has everyones best interest at heart, some of the boys (the hunters)

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