How Should Friar John Be Punished In Romeo And Juliet

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The dictionary defines tragedy as; an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress. Romeo and Juliet for sure is a tragedy with many deaths and a not so happy ending. There could be a finger pointed for the chain of events that occurs. Abraham should be pardoned for his part in the story where Prince and Friar John should be punished. There are people that could have done something differently in this play to prevent the many deaths and tragedies from happening. Prince is one of those people. The prince is someone who has authority over the whole city and could have done something about the two families fighting. “Prince has the power and he shows it when he banishes Romeo-Therefore use none: let Romeo hence in haste, Else, …show more content…

Friar John was placed with a very important task of delivering a letter to Romeo telling him that Romeo was not actually dead. Friar Lawrence says this “This same should be the voice of Friar John.Welcome from Mantua: what says Romeo? Or, if his mind be writ, give me his letter.” (act 5 scene 2) before he finds out Friar John didn’t do what he asked him to do. Friar John did not get the letter to Romeo and because of that three people died. The letter would have told Romeo that Juliet was not dead and that there would have been no reason for him to kill himself and then he would not have killed Paris. If he was not dead Juliet would not have felt the need to kill herself either. Friar John should also be punished because he didn’t do what he said he was going to do. Friar John promised Friar Lawrence that he would get the letter to Romeo as fast as he could but he did indeed fail at doing so. Friar Lawrence realized when John told him he didn’t give Romeo the letter that things were going to go downhill fast. Friar John should be punished for not doing what he said he would because it laid in the fate of three other peoples lives. Friar had a simple task of taking a letter to Romeo that could have prevented three people from dyeing and in that case I think he should be

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