How The Discrepancies Surrounding The Case Of Natalie Wood

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In the year 1981 America lost a beloved actress, Natalie Wood. Her death was ruled an accident by the original coroner, but upon further investigation the case was reopened. New evidence was discovered that changed the way the case was looked at, including conflicting reports, new analysis and new evidence. These factors could change the initial ruling and put to rest a case that has been dormant for 30 years. One of the first new pieces of evidence was a new analysis of the bruises on Natalie Woods arm, neck and wrist. These bruises were first thought to have been acquired by the actress trying to climb into an inflatable lifeboat, but upon further investigation, it appears that they may have been sustained before that. According to …show more content…

First of all, when it comes to determining where the bruises on Natalie's arm, neck and wrist came from, there should've been the use of another medical examiner as well as the one previously used. This would have brought in two separate opinions and could have possibly opened a new avenue for investigation. Along with this point of the investigation, it seems as though the captain of the yacht was not interviewed as a witness to begin with. With his statements about foul play and the use of drugs and alcohol that night, this also could have helped push the investigation further and open up additional leads. Also, the fact that he overheard arguments and foul language could have been a sign that things escalated into violent behavior. Throughout the investigation, you can also see some tunnel vision right from the start. As soon as the investigation began, the police immediately assumed that it was an accident, simply because the story seemed to fit. The deck of the boat was slippery, Natalie was drunk making her balance questionable, the boat was moving, and so on. Investigators didn't even think to begin questioning any witnesses simply because of this. As stated earlier, the lead detective stated that he had no reason to believe it was a murder. He immediately assumed that the story fit into place and that everything played out just as it was described to him. Speaking to the witnesses, it took more than 30 years later for anyone to begin taking statements from witnesses, such as Marilyn Wayne. Her and her boyfriend were on a boat just miles away from the “Splendour” and heard someone crying for help and other voices coming from the boat. The Wayne’s accounts, along with the captain of the boat who heard the sounds of discord and fighting before hearing that Natalie took off in a life boat and didn’t return, are all signs of potential foul play or at

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