How To Survive The Holocaust

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Moving on from tragedy is painful. Our memory has a tendency to interfere at the most haunting times in our lives. Recovering after a tragedy is a crucial time for an individual in coping for emotional, physical, and mental healing. Survivors of the Holocaust struggle trying to get themselves together after enduring agony and distress from the genocide. Survivors of the Holocaust suffered harsh working conditions, starvation and dehydration, dark and crowded inmate cells, a tattooed number for each inmate, and losing their morals from chaotic concentration camps. After continued mistreatments and mental wounds, victims that survived the Holocaust needed to reinvent themselves and carry out the rest of their lives in freedom, peace and stability. However, living a content life wasn’t so easy to achieve for some. Flashbacks made it difficult in attempting to return to their previous life before the Holocaust, but somehow one strong willed survivor managed to live her satisfying life. Many survivors suffered psychological pain including post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD after the Holocaust. …show more content…

For example, many were prone to ignoring the traumatic events that occurred during the concentration camps, which lead to considerable setbacks in proposing to start their new journey and lives. Some survivors refused to seek help and express the gruesome life they encountered during the Holocaust. If survivors separated themselves from the Holocaust, an event that impacted and played an extensive role in their life, they were constantly reminded of the nightmares that they’ve experienced during the camps. Many survivors struggled to move forward with the disturbances that repeatedly affected their health. A common health problem was post-traumatic stress

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