The Holocaust: The Survivors Of The Holocaust

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Like many genocides the Holocaust was one of the worst recorded in history. The Holocaust happened during World War II when Hitler became the leader of Germany in 1933. The War was mostly present in Europe, East Asia or the Pacific Islands but the Holocaust, which was a genocide of Jews, took place in Europe. Nazi’s and SS officers would storm the houses of Jews and move them into ghettos eventually ending up in a concentration camp. Some would die on their way there but mostly all the deaths occured in the camps. There were many people who either supported it, contributed in it by helping those in need or being bystanders by not doing anything. Luckily out of the few people that did do something to help out the Jews the couple, Antonina and Jan Żabiński, saved over three hundred Jews. Jan Żabiński was a zoo technician and a…show more content…
They were the main handlers, along with other workers, of the Ratuszowa also known as the Warsaw Zoo. Jan was born in Poland and he has no religion but he identifies himself as an atheist and Antonina was Russian born and was raised into the Catholic religion, sadly her parents died during the Russian Revolution. Jan and Antonina met at school and after they graduated they got married. They had a child named Ryszard Żabiński, who was eight at the time of the war, and a child named Teresa Żabiński who was born during the war. The reason that Jan and Antonina were able to keep the zoo in operation was because they turned it into a pig farm. At the start of the war Jan and Antonia didn’t really know what was going to happen to them and their zoo.
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