The Holocaust: Survivors Of The Holocaust

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Survivors of the Holocaust After the war against the Nazis, there were very few survivors left. For the survivors returning to life to when it was before the war was basically impossible. They tried returning home but that was dangerous also, after the war, anti-Jewish riots broke out in a lot of polish cites. Although the survivors were able to build new homes in their adopted countries. The Jewish communities had no longer existed in much part of Europe anymore. After that people tried to return to their homes from the camps or there hiding places, but they found out that their homes had been taking over by others or looted. One person that survived was, Felix Horn, Felix and the other survivors were getting help by Brihah by an underground agency. Felix took student papers and his books just in case he would ever go back to school. Felix was born to a Jewish family in Lublin, Poland. His dad was a locksmith and his mom was a signer. After the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, Felix was taken to a labor camp. He escaped and returned to Lublin, and then found that his family had been forced into ghettos established there. …show more content…

Francis was deported to Neuengamme, it was a concentration camp located in the outskirts of Hamburg, Germany. The allied forces advanced, Francis and other prisoners were transported from Neuengamme. They were all placed on a cargo ship which was sailed into Lubeck Bay. Francis was rescued and came ashore in the German town of Neustadt, where British troops forced the inhabitants to provide survivors with food and clothes. Francis, a musician, then worked in the British officers’ mess. Then after all of that he returned to Budapest in September 1945, and eventually immigrated back to the United

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