Why Did Vladek Survive The Holocaust

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Vladek was a real person who survived the Holocaust, a terrible war in that many people died. Vladek survived by pretending to be a Pole soldier who escaped the camps(pg.64). He then told the conductor if he could hide him and take him home. He got lucky the conductor helped him, but he still used his knowledge to pretend to be a Pole. Vladek also survived by making bunkers for him and his family to hide in (pg.110). He used his knowledge to survive, but later he got turned in and captured. In another part of the book, he also spoke in German when a Nazi asked why he fired his gun which saved his life (pg.49). He got lucky because he could still have got beaten even if he spoke german but the officer decided not to kill him. These events show that the reason Vladek survived the Holocaust was because he was resourceful and because of that sometimes created his luck. Vladek used his knowledge to his advantage to survive the Holocaust and that created some luck. Vladek almost got caught taking goods to another store by the Nazi (pg. 149). Vladek pretended that he was taking goods to his own store. He got escorted there and they didn’t check his papers. He was lucky the Nazi weren’t suspicious or he could have been hung for illegally transporting goods. This time he created luck because he was convincing and he didn’t run …show more content…

He got luck when he used his knowledge to go to the official car and when he didn’t run and instead lied about being a Jew. He also got lucky when instead of running away or giving in he lied about he good he was carrying and said he had a store. Vladek was also unlucky sometimes when he was resourceful. An example of this is when Vladek made a bunker him and his family got caught. All of this shows that Vladek survived the Holocaust because of his knowledge which also created

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