The Company Of Wolves And Good Country People Summary

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When you look at the stories The Company of Wolves, How to Talk to a Hunter, and Good Country People, you can see different types of relationships. All of these relationships display love, but have similarities and differences. The Company of Wolves shows the relationship between a young girl and a werewolf. How to Talk to a Hunter presents a relationship between a faithful woman, and a man who seems to be cheating on her. The last story, Good Country People, reveals a hook up between a young man and women who is later left stranded. From a reader’s perspective one can see that in all of these stories with love comes challenges. In the stories The Company of Wolves and Good Country People there is a similarity between the two females in the …show more content…

Like I said earlier the man in How to Talk to a Hunter is cheating on the narrator in the story and the werewolf in The Company of Wolves has killed the girl’s grandmother. Both of these women seem to have no problem with the actions of the men, and seem to love them after what they have done. The young girl even gave up her virginity to the werewolf right after he had killed her grandmother. It is clear that either these girls did not care, or they had love for the men and gave them forgiveness. Good Country People differs from the two other stories because it shows the hope of love gone wrong. When Hulga and and the young man go up into the barn she is thinking that he has interest in her, which causes her to open up. She hasn’t opened up to anybody in this story besides him. As soon as she let her guard down, the young man decided to take her false leg and leave her stranded in the top of the barn. She had no way of getting down, and the boy ran away to his next victim. She was taking a chance with him, and it turned into a bad situation for

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