Huck Finn Leadership

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1. Discuss your volunteer efforts (2hrs minimum) and how your leadership philosophy is evolving. Some people in today's society can be very self-absorbed and lack compassion concerning the health and well-being of others. They typically feel that community service and outreach has no benefits because you dedicate so much time, effort and work and without receiving anything in return. However, its greatest reward is knowing that somebody else has benefited from my actions, and that is payment enough. Donating your time is just a small way to show that you are concerned, sincere, and that you care. I frequently volunteer with my church; New Destiny International for one of our many outreach programs called “Feed the 5,000”. We provide numerous …show more content…

Out of everything we’ve read this semester, which character best matches your style of leadership/your leadership philosophy? How so? Are these similarities good or bad? Where will you take this new knowledge about yourself as you continue upon your hero’s journey? When it comes to the readings that we’ve covered in class, one of the characters that I can say comes close to my leadership style would actually be Huck Finn! As comical as it may seem, I want to quickly elaborate and focus mainly on the fact that despite Huck’s oppositions and trials that he faced, he had to learn to become a leader. In many instances throughout the book, Huck had to go through trial and error and learn from his mistakes along the way in which that developed his character. Although at one point, he was a follower, immature, and may have felt defeated, he persevered through his hardships. In my opinion, I feel these similarities were overall good because of the fact that it allowed me to experience and gain knowledge and wisdom within my life. Not only did my mistakes teach me lessons, but my hardships in life made me a stronger person. I found a lot of my experiences created wisdom within me to counsel and help others, which I feel sincere and dedicated leaders should

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