Huckleberry Finn Quotes About Maturity

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On the first day of third grade, my curly haired self strutted into the classroom with confidence. Seating arrangements would be assigned and I had a one in twenty chance of sitting up in the front like I had hoped. Of course, I had to be put in the back of the room and last for everything. I had had enough and threw a fit; I was sent to the principal’s office for the first time ever. My parents taught me to stay calm and remain patient because throwing fits was not apart of a third graders routine. I had to mature and become the person I am today. Maturity has shown through myself and others which is also the same for Huck throughout his adventures. In the novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Huck runs into many obstacles that through his actions show maturity. Huck’s enticing adventures have let him display his maturity in his actions towards others. The king and the duke trick the girls into handing over the money. Huck can not bear to witness the girls being blindly tricked so he decides to go out of his way to “hive that money for [the girls] or bust” (132). Putting his own life in danger, Huck will do whatever to get the money back to the innocent girls because the king and duke do not deserve it for their operations filled with lies. Mary Jane was heartbroken about the selling …show more content…

Through others and himself, Huck shows signs of maturity. He is empathic, comforting, and caring throughout his adventures. Huck accomplished lots of deeds: helped return the money to the girls, comforted Mary Jane and Aunt Sally. Huck felt sorry for the king and duke for being tarred and feathered and protected Jim. Huck has made some mistakes and lied to the watchman, king and duke, but it was all done with the right intentions and attitude. I have turned into mature student throughout my life and Huck has matured into a helpful adventurer without throwing

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