Huckleberry Finn And Antigone Analysis

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Wanda Sykes once quoted, “If you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and do it.” This exhibits the idea of not letting others hold you back from pursuing a personal desire, or having a passion. Countless amounts of people follow what everyone else believes, but do not seem to recognize the truth behind what they’re following. Similarly, within The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and “Antigone,” both characters have a devotion for a specific situation. Additionally, these two literary characters have a strong passion, but ultimately face different opponents. Huck faces the horrors of society as a whole, while Antigone faces her uncle. To clarify, rebellious Huckleberry…show more content…
Society has many effects on people, and of course, it could perhaps be a negative or positive effect toward humankind. The negatives of society as a whole were surely exposed through the eyes of uneducated, immature, Huckleberry Finn. Furthermore, Huck is faced with many struggles throughout the novel, including Miss Watson urging him to become so called “sivilized” (Twain 37), being abused by his filthy, drunk father, Pap, and most of all keeping himself and Jim, the slave, safe from the dangers they encounter. Huck learns many valuable lessons throughout his journey, and changes from an inexperienced boy to a knowledgeable young adult. In addition, Huck rebels against the accepted answers of…show more content…
In addition, Antigone has her own struggle, faceing her uncle King Creon, by herself. Moreover, Antigone was declared the death penalty, on behalf of giving her brother funeral honors. This is a very unruly move, because her brother is considered a traitor to the king and people, which ultimately means he shall not be buried. However, it shows King Creon that Antigone would do anything to modify the law, as well as taking her own life, just so her brother has a proper funeral. To emphasize, Antigone responds to King Creon, “ If I die young, I say I’d gain something” (Sophocles 20). This clearly displays how Antigone believes she isn’t losing anything, but actually gaining something. Antigone is gaining, the knowledge that she proved a proper burial for her brother even though it meant she couldn’t have one for herself. She also proved how greatly she believes in adjusting the law, even if it meant taking her own

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