Is Huck Finn A Hero

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Not everyone can be a hero, one must possess extraordinary qualities to obtain this title. Whether the conquest be to slay a dragon or overcome social standards, the journey is what develops the character into a hero. In this fiction novel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the main character Huck is put to the test in every way possible. His quick wit and survival skills are what allow him to adapt to harsh environments and eventually what helps him save the day. Huck is only twelve years old when our story unfolds, yet he has to experience a few situations that make him mature at a much faster pace. His father hunts him relentlessly to acquire the money that has been recently placed in Huck’s possession. To bully Huck into stop growing his education and from leaving town with the money, Pap locks Huck in a cabin. “He got to going away so much, too, and locking me in” (Twain 24). At times Pap would leave Huck in the cabin alone for days. In these spans of time, Huck has to scavenge for food, water, and other necessities. Eventually Huck finds an opportunity to escape …show more content…

After observing Huck for over forty chapters, it is safe to conclude that this twelve year old boy is molded into a more magnificent character with every step of the way. He is taught by many masters, some who do not even realize that they are the teacher. He overcomes great fears and obstacles that he never thought possible in his wildest dreams. Huck triumphs over the ideas of slavery, religious hypocrisy, and the many stereotypes of the South without ever looking back. If there is any lesson prominent in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, it is that people should never just blindly follow the crowd because it is the safest route. Huck shows the reader that from time to time you may need to take charge and become your own

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