What Are The Rhetorical Devices In Huck Finn

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Quotes Paraphrase or summary Rhetorical strategies Effect/Function
"So the King went all through the crow with his hat, swabbing his yes, and blessing the people and praising them and thanking them for being so good to the poor pirates away off there?"

In chapter 20, Huck and the King goes to a camp meeting full of thousands of people gathered singing hymn and listening to sermons. The crowd goes wild after the preacher starts preaching, soon enough, the king joins the crowd and uses as his advantage to con them. The king starts conning the crowd claiming that he is a reformed pirate who needs money to travel and convert other pirates to Christianity. This is where he pretends to cry and collects money from the people. Irony
Theme: Religion and Superstition. This scene is ironic and hysterical at the same time because it is apparent that Mark Twain is making fun of religion and portraying the religious people as a naïve sheep who are lost in the woods. This quote serves to illustrate that many people are often blind by their faith, which prohibits them from choosing what is real or not. The King utilizes religious faith unethically to his favor, thus, and manipulated the crowd to receive money. …show more content…

But a mob without any man at the head of it, is beneath pitifulness.” After the death of Boggs, the mob ends up at Sherburn’s house ready to kill him. However, Sherburn steps out of his house with a gun and kindly responses to the mob by humiliating them. Sherburn mocks the mob for not being courageous enough and had to borrow their motivation from the public.

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