Huckleberry Finn Thesis

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Ibti Mohamed
Ms. Durocher
Honors American Literature-hr 2

Honors American Literature: Huck Finn Argument Outline
Thesis Statement: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a book that should be taught in District 196 classes, because the novel shows the significance of learning lessons on morality and the reality of discrimination during slavery.
The book shows us in southern society, race is a barrier that shouldn’t be crossed. With Huck and Jim creating a bond it shows the significance of Huck and Jim breaking that ‘barrier’ and teaching readers a lesson of morality.
In the article, The six letter word by Jocelyn Chadwick it states: “Huck awakens to hear Jim ‘moaning and mourning.’ He’s been crying for his family.Huck says …show more content…

Refutation: Although Pap does is an alcoholic and can be considered not to be a good representative of the south, his viewpoints on letting a black person vote shows is an optional of the south people shared. The majority of them disliked a black person voting.
Aunt Sally in Chapter 32 of HuckleBerry Finn shows us readers her attitude towards slavery in a way. When Huck is Tom sawyer she asks him if anyone died on the boat. When huck says, “No’m. Killed a nigger.” She responds with: “Well, it’s lucky;because sometimes people do get hurt.” evidence with attribution and citation as needed
When Aunt Sally replies with “Well, It’s lucky; because sometimes people do get hurt”(Twain 219). It shows readers the significance of how Aunt Sally represents the south, more specifically the middle class. Aunt Sally straight away goes into telling a story about another white man who was killed on a steamboat also. This is also significant because it shows readers how Aunt Sally, and southern society in general can disregard a black man’s death and not think of it as something important. how analysis backing the evidence (this should be more than one …show more content…

All through the book Huck learns and figures out what his morals are. Trilling states in his article that Huck is comfortable with telling lies and never tells the same one twice. This is significant because it shows the readers that huck doesn’t have exactly full morals that he strictly believes. It shows readers how Huck is still in process of finding what his morals are. By not telling the same lie and being comfortable with it, it shows that he is naive in the sense not figuring out that it’s morally wrong and Huck is going to a struggle to find what’s exactly is morally ‘right’. b. In Chapter 40 of Huckleberry Finn it states: “I knowed he was white in the inside, and I reckoned he’d say what he did say-so it was all right now(Twain 271). i. This is significant because it shows readers how Huck is still struggling with finding that a black person could be kind. Although they have created a bond and have learned how to cope with each other, this excerpt shows readers that Huck still struggles to find the morals he truly believes in. It also shows readers that Huck says Jim is white to justify his disbelief that Jim is a kind

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