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Long ago in a far away land in the most ancient of times, there was a ferocious beast that resided in the great cedar forest as its guardian. Humbaba was an ancient, frightful monster with the features of many vicious animals: the head of a fire-breathing dragon, horns of a bull, the legs of a lion, talons of a flesh-eating vulture, a long, powerful tail, and a body covered in poisonous scaled plates. With seven impenetrable auras of mythical power and strength, Humbaba was virtually immortal. Even with the horrifying semblance, the beast was appointed by Enlil, the powerful Sumerian God of wind, to protect the sacred Cedar Forest of the Amanus. Humbaba was granted the Cedar Forest as his territorial domain; the fearful monster would protect …show more content…

A ferocious battle commenced between the supernatural monster and the demigod king and his mortal companion. Gilgamesh and Enkidu were no match to the powerful essence of the protector of the Cedar Forest. Gilgamesh, foolish and conceited, tried to trick the utmost intelligent monster to erase the presence of the powerful auras from which Humbaba channeled his powers and strength. Humbaba was not an ignorant beastly creature, he was intelligent and would wreak havoc to protect his Cedar Forest. Humbaba channeled the superior power and strength from Enlil to ward off the intruders.Ultimately, Gilgamesh was weakened and could no longer accommodate his desire to kill the beast. Additionally, Gilgamesh was distracted by the agonizing cries of pain from his warrior companion. Enkidu, being a mortal, wasn’t capable of handling the supernatural and mystically devastating impacts of Humbaba’s resistance. Gilgamesh pleaded for Humbaba to stop wounding Enkidu, his noble companion. However, it was already too late. Humbaba threw the lifeless body of Enkidu at the feet of a horrified

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