I Have A Dream And Nelson Mandela's Speech

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The 2 speeches are tremendous speech’s which have been delivered by 2 outstanding people. “I Have a Dream” was delivered by Martin Luther King Jr and “Glory and Hope” was delivered by Nelson Mandela. When Dr. King delivered his speech he was demanding freedom and equality to be given to the African-American community in the United States. “Glory and Hope” was eradicated the apartheid had just ended in South Africa. He delivered his speech during his inauguration of presidency. Both these speeches had executed the art of persuasion extremely well. Even though both speeches had used many rhetoric devices they have many things in and uncommon. Further more, one of the many similarities is that both the speeches have a vast amount of metaphors. Dr. King uses metaphors to emphasize his point about the equality of blacks and whites. Similarly, Nelson Mandela uses metaphors to support his ideas. Some of Dr. Kings metaphors are, “justice rolls down like waters…” and “From every mountainside, let freedom ring.” Both these metaphors are expressing Dr. Kings movement with more passion and power. Instead of just saying we want freedom Dr. King translates these positions to appealing metaphors. Likewise, some of Mandela’s metaphors are, “The moment to bridge the chasms that divide us has come” and “humanity has taken us back into its bosom…”. These metaphors found in Mandela’s speech contain immense amounts of meaning. The metaphors found in the both the speeches are used to convey

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